A downloadable Breathtaking for Windows

This was an idea submitted to the IGI (Icelandic Game Industry) Game Jam in January 2017.

The theme of the jam was "Polar Opposites" and so after some consideration the concept idea we decided to go with was a rally simulator where you play as the Co-Driver(hence the name :D). Somehow through the process the game morphed into a quite different tone and in some bizarre events we wound up with a monkey backseat-driver simulator racing game.

We tried our hardest to implement multiplayer but alas, it's not there yet. However there's some shitty AI to compete with and also laptime. However due to a glitch in the waypoint system, not everyone seems to be able to cross the finishline.

Hopefully you find some joy in this laughable mess of a game we made over a weekend.

The Codemonkees team!

Install instructions

Extract and play? Some Unity might be needed...


Codriver-IGIJAM.zip 35 MB


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can you tell me the comands ? XD nice idea but the monkey are realy stupid... or it's me :D

So the idea is that if you are using keyboard+mouse, you use WASD for direction you want the monkey to turn and then Mouse 1 or 2 for how hard you want him to turn/accelerate. If you have a xbox controller it's same idea but with the left stick for direction and A-B-Y for strength.

However we are noticing that you might have to push the buttons a lot to get the intended effect. This is a problem we are encountering and are working on solving soon hopefully :D

Sorry about it though =<

Ooookay ! it's realy more funny when you know the keys XD

thanks a lot for this !